Custom Chemicals

Glass Max's concentrated streak-free formula is a glass and surface cleaner designed for rapid soil removal. It is safe for use on all non-porous, hard surfaces, and is dilutable with water for customized cleaning power.

Compare to Windex*!
1 Gallon: $7.49 (+S&H)
32 Oz. Spray Bottle: $3.99 (+S&H)
IMAGE Spray and Buff

This restoring product is formulated to repair and enhance the appearance of worn, scuffed and pitted floor finishes. It will renew the shine and gloss of the original finish and can be used with any floor finish product.

1 Gallon: $12.79 (+S&H)
32 Oz. Spray Bottle: $6.49 (+S&H)
Ultra Pre-Spotter

Removes deep, set-in stains from carpets, upholstery, area rugs, and fabrics.

Ink Stains
Food Stains
Pet Stains
1 Gallon: $18.49 (+S&H)
32 Oz. Spray Bottle: $8.49 (+S&H)

NEUTRA-CLEAN is a highly-concentrated, neutral pH all-purpose cleaner that is formulated for use on all surfaces not affected by water. NEUTRA-CLEAN works well on floors, walls, countertops, glass and marble, and is safe for use on waxed floors.

1 Gallon: $8.49 (+S&H)
Western Carolina Products has a large assortment of custom made chemicals for every cleaning, waxing, polishing and disinfectant need.

Formulated for specific tasks, our specially made products, locally developed and manufactured by Custom Chemical Corporation in Roebuck, South Carolina, are guaranteed and stand up against any name brand product.

This concentrated powdered drain opener  is safe, easy to use, and will not harm plumbing Drain-Blaster is lye-free and has a pleasant citrus deodorizer that leaves a fresh scent in your plumbing fixtures.

32 Oz.: $8.69(+S&H)

Green Gator is a concentrated
multi-use cleaner and degreaser.
This high-powered cleaner eliminates grease and stains
on contact, and also 
Green Gator is great for use on boats to eliminate algae and prevent contamination!
1 Gallon: $7.99 (+S&H)
True Blue

True Blue is an excellent car wash and is safe for all automobiles and boats. Its
long-lasting suds remove dirt, road grime, and surface stains. True Blue is free rinsing and will not leave streaks. 
Even if the product dries on the car surface, it will rinse off streak-free!

1 Gallon: $7.99 (+S&H)

This highly concentrated formula rapidly penetrates and dissolves grease, grime, dirt and oil. It works on most surfaces, and can be diluted with water for aluminum cleaning.

Heavy Cleaning Power:
Engines, parts, tools, tires, shop equipment, etc.: Use full strength.
Medium Cleaning Power:
Stoves, ranges, outdoor furniture, appliances or aluminum: Dilute at least 1:10 with water.
Light Cleaning Power:
Vinyl seats, carpet, sinks, plumbing fixtures, black streaks on paint: Dilute
1:20 with water.

1 Gallon: $7.49 (+S&H)