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Oil-Only Contractor Grade Pads- Item #WP-S

If your priority is economy and short-term use for oil spills, Contractor Grade absorbents are the perfect choice. These oil-only pads are versatile enough to use for any outdoor spill.

Size: 15" W x 18" L

Color: White
Absorbency: 35 Gal Per Package

Absorbency Per: 22.4 oz. per pad

Case Quantity: 200 Pads Per Package

Universal Contractor Grade Pads- Item #GP-S

Part of making smart spill decisions is not buying more absorbent than you need. Not every job requires long-term durability or heavy-duty strength. Sometimes you need an absorbent that will let you get in, do the job, and get out.

Size: 15" W x 18" L

Color: Gray 

Absorbency: 35 Gal. Per Package

Absorbency Per: 22.4 oz. Per Pad

Case Quantity: 200 Pads Per Package

Universal CornCob Sock- Item #CCSO40

With a tough polypropylene skin and finely ground corn cob filler, these Socks absorb 1/2 gallon of oil, coolants, solvents and water — nearly twice as much as clay, but without the dust or the mess to clean up afterward. Plus they're incinerable.

Size: 3" x 42" L
Color: Gray

Absorbency: 20 Gal. Per Package

Absorbency Per: .5 Gal. Per Sock

Case Quantity: 40 Pads Per Package

Oil-Only Poly Blend Socks- Item #WSO430

By selectively absorbing petroleum-based liquids and not water, these Socks take in more oil and can be left on the job longer. They also float for cleanup of waterborne hydrocarbons

Size: 3" x 4' L

Color: White

Absorbency: 25 Gal. Per Package

Absorbency Per: 106.6 oz. Per Sock

Case Quantity: 30 socks per package

Universal AirLaid Roll- Item #B-GM-R-150

Inner layer of high-loft, air-filled polypropylene fibers creates uniform pockets of air that attract and hold liquids. Absorbs high volumes of liquid fast.

Size: 17" W x 30" L x 17" H

Color: Gray

Absorbency: 60 gal. per package

Case Quantity: 1 Roll 

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