Floor Products
IMAGE Floor Wax

IMAGE Floor Wax is an acrylic copolymer finish that produces an excellent "off the mop" shine with amazing gloss retention.
Using exceptional technology, this floor finish will impart a high gloss finish with fewer coats than other floor finishes. 
IMAGE is a combination sealer and floor finish that has exceptional response to UHS burnishing.

1 Gallon: $ 19.89
5 Gallon: $ 96.89 *Save $2.56*
IMAGE Spray and Buff

This restoring product is formulated to repair and enhance the appearance of worn, scuffed and pitted floor finishes. It will renew the shine and gloss of the original finish and can be used with any floor finish product.

1 Gallon: $12.79
32 Oz. Spray Bottle: $6.49
1 Gallon: $8.49
5 Gallon:$35.77
            *Save $6.68*
Western Carolina Products distributes a variety of custom made floor waxes, wax removers, acrylic floor sealer, restorers, and cleaners.

Formulated for specific tasks, our specially made products, locally developed and manufactured by Custom Chemical Corporation in Roebuck, South Carolina, are guaranteed to compete with any name brand product.
Premium High Solids Floor Finish
Labor-Saving, Long-Lasting Shine

NEUTRA-CLEAN is a highly-concentrated, neutral pH all-purpose cleaner that is formulated for use on all surfaces not affected by water.
NEUTRA-CLEAN works well on floors, walls, countertops, glass and marble, and is safe for use on waxed floors.

1 Gallon: $12.79
5 Gallon: $52.89
*Save $11.06*
Quick Strip
Floor Wax Remover

Quick Strip is a concentrated, non-ammonia floor wax stripper that is formulated to reduce fumes and odors associated with conventional floor wax strippers.
Quick Strip contains no phosphates and will liquify and dissolve finishes more quickly that other floor strippers.
Concentrated, Low Odor Formula
Ammonia and Phosphate Free
No-Slip Formula